Past Projects

Finished Projects

School fence wall:

The play ground was constructed by clearing rocks and mud in open barren precipitous gulley. Thus the edge side was very high bamboos and wooden struck fence should be changed every year and incase the child climb over risk of falling was high potentials. Thus for the secure “Basa foundation” had decided to built 65 meters long and 5.5 meter tall stone wall. Basa people have contributed free labor on their own for one and half month.

Electricity: Since Dec. 2010 using kerosene and wood lamp have been eliminated at Basa. The project is benefiting more than 62 household throughout the village. Success of this project may be one of the major examples in Solukhumbu because unbelievably, the Basa people had cut and broke such a scary cliff and set the power house just on the head of killer waterfalls in safe and secure designed even it looks impossible. Mr. Jeff Rasley and his team (our well wisher) from USA had funded Rs.15, 00000.00 for (5.5 +5.5 kw) electric materials and 3 months free labor offered from villagers.


The key awareness needed among back warded community is environmental consciousness and preservation of nature habit. Most of the people are illiterate and doesn’t know anything about the nature so forest is narrowing day by day. So, to create the feeling value of nature for human beings “Basa foundation” had rolled plantation project together with community involvement. This project took a place in large open barren plateau Nyai and Simpakha danda area in 2010 and 2011. Purchasing cost of plants has been invested by SOLHIMAL (INGO) France. Basa community forest group was also participating for this project. It is expected that at least minimum idea have been setting about wild animal preservation, nature conservation and environment preservation because after this community action every individual and family are developing plantation habit. This should be continued.

Smoke controller oven

Electrical oven is beyond the access in developing countries like Nepal and out of imagination at villages like Basa. Indoor and unventilated “CHULO” is one of the main health issues in the villages. They believe because of culture and tradition it is settled in the center of the house at ground floor. People of modern age believe that it used to be very cold and had not enough cloth in the former time so they might start to make fire in the center for warmth. This was followed by generation to generation and scheduled a functional part then became a culture and tradition.
Because of traditional “chulo” every household were dirty Children, old people and especially women health has been badly affected. The Basa God father “Mr.Jeff Rasley” might be evaluating the cause and advised us to know about ultimate alternatives. Team member of Basa Foundation went in research at Patan industrial center and framed suitable design. But removing any ancient habitual system is more impossible then setting new whether it is effective and positive. However, with culturally digestible alternative using method without destroying their tradition “Basa Foundation” emerged installation of modern Metal smoke controller oven in the 62 houses in August 2011. Mr. Jeff Rasley and his team from U.S.A. have played significant role for fund support.

This project has changed a lot in the living hood of Himalayan people by economically on fuel, clean household, healthy indoor environment and protection of forest.

Environmental awareness holding board 2011

This is an example of learning by doing, Basa Foundation has organized different project in mutual cooperation with INGO, NGO and individuals supporters. We have understood that holding boards with cultural, environmental, social and educational awareness is effective & permanent indicating means of information. The board were hung all over at Basa with slogans and suggestions of conservation, protection, rubbish management and co-operational social movement.

Electric pole

As for experiment some locally prepared pole (RCC systemized) were built in 2010. Those proved long lasting and protection of trees, otherwise thousand of nice long trees should be fallen for the poles. They hardly remain on work for 3 years because a kind of insect and ants ruined the part which is under grounded. Also it looks over loaded on main electric line that has made poor pole condition.
Considering all those prevailing impact and problems we have decided to build same RCC poles all along the main line. Those types of poles are available only in urban area and impossible to deliver but Basa Foundation has started an example poles which are even much better and cheaper than iron or still pole.

Computer donation and class

Education is the most necessary factor in every ones lives. Computer skill is becoming demanded knowledge beside academicals or theoretical skills. To provide all those basic demanded knowledge Mr. Chris and Jeane Royee from USA had donated five laptop computers for Babutsiri primary school at Basa. Now every student at least knows minimum technique of computer school.