About us

Basa Foundation

Basa foundation is basically intending to go all over the Nepal, where really the lives are still out of basic amenities. All our committee members are involving in tourism field thus we are working by managing season. Because we have seen many volunteers, INGO or NGO have contributed so many things for different topics but finally they became failure, which we hate from heart. We want every project should be fruitful thus allocate some team member as a coordinator until the project be completed. Our remarkable project completions are prior example of that ethic in the past. Meanwhile, our project field based at culturally and naturally beautiful remote village Basa nestling by charming helpful khaling Rai, Damai ( Nepali), Kami (Biswakarma), Basnet/karki, Tamang, Magar and Bhujel people in perfect harmony. Those are known as indigenous, back warded and dalit (oppressed) group.

The most basic necessities like; education, Health, sanitation, environmental awareness and providing training opportunity to develop useful skills to improve their lives are our major mission. Electric project, Health post support, child sponsorship, plantation project, awareness board display, building school block, building school wall fence and setting smoke controller oven are our proud succeeded example project. Beside the donors we also organize cultural tours to experience the entire alive culture and tradition, through which comers and local can exchange their experiences. As well we prior to protect village from infection on culture, this has sustainably lasted hundreds of years.

Our Team